natural currency hedging

Natural currency hedging refers to a hedging technique that does not require the use of financial derivatives. For example, a holding company with subsidiaries can seek to maintain equal amounts of receivables and payables denominated in a foreign currency. To undertake natural currency hedging, a firm with FX-denominated receivables could borrow short-term in that currency. […]

net investment hedge

In Hedge Accounting, net investment hedging refers to the practice of offsetting FX-related changes in the value of net assets of a subsidiary by using a derivatives instrument. For example, a company with EUR as its functional currency has a wholly owned US subsidiary whose functional currency is USD. At the date of hedge designation, […]


In general terms, netting refers to the practice of consolidating two different settlements in order to create a single value. More info Currency Accounts International Payments Payments Hub How does netting work? For instance, if Company A owes $50,000 to Company B and Company B owes $40,000 to Company A, they can set a netting […]

non-convertible currency

A non-convertible currency is the monetary unit of a country where holders of the currency do not have the right to convert it freely at the going exchange rate into any other currency. A currency is considered as non-convertible if it fulfills one or more of the following three criteria about usability, exchangeability and market […]

nonmonetary assets and liabilities

In the process of translating foreign-currenecy denominated assets and liabilities into a firm’s functional currency, non monetary items are foreign-exchange denominated physical assets such as inventory and fixed assets that cannot be easily converted into cash or cash equivalents. By contrast, monetary assets and liabilities are items that represent a claim to receive, or an […]

notional amount

In FX futures markets, the notional amount or notional value of a contract represents the value of the futures position at any point in time. If contract size for the EUR contract is EUR 125,000 and the exchange rate for September delivery is EUR-USD 1.18705, the September contract has a notional value of $ 148,381.25 […]