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Automate your static FX hedging program

Do you need to keep stable prices during a period or campaign? We automate your FX hedging with static programs that protect your margins.

The perfect strategy for companies with stable prices over a period

Businesses that update selling prices only when a reference period is over require their own specific FX hedging programs. Currency Management Automation provides the required solutions — and much more.
Protect your budget

Your budget is automatically protected — right from the start. The program is reactivated as the next  budget period unfolds.

Protect individual campaigns

Are you running a campaign-based business model? Implement a hedging program to protect each individual campaign.

Overcome forecast risk

Set your foreign currency sales and expenditure forecasts — and let automated solutions take care of forecast risk.

The benefits of automated static hedging

How much trust do you put in your forecasts? How effective are your static FX hedging programs? How is your business impacted by forward points? Use Currency Management Automation to achieve the goals of your FX hedging strategy.

Avoid overhedging

Steer clear of costly mismatches between executed hedges and realised FX exposure.

Secure the desired hedge rate

For each period, achieve a hedge rate that is equal or better than the campaign/budget FX rate.

Optimise forward points

Be quick to reap the benefits of favourable forward points, and delay hedging when convenient.

Add dynamism — and stop worrying about forecast accuracy

Add flexibility with automated conditional FX orders. Build dynamism with combinations that include micro-hedging programs — all in a fully automated way.

Add flexibility

Set conditional orders and react to changes in market conditions as they impact your business.

Build dynamism

Partly cover your initial forecast and hedge the remaining exposure one transaction at a time.

Remove FX gains and losses

Do away with FX gains and losses by adding a micro-hedging program for balance sheet items.

Automate your FX Hedging Programs.