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Payments & Collections

Start collecting and paying in multiple currencies with our range of automated software solutions.

Software solutions for foreign currency payments and collections

Payments & Collections provides treasury teams with a set of solutions that streamline the flow of FX-denominated incoming and outgoing payments.

Faster and simpler solutions for treasury teams

Centralise collections in multiple currencies. Execute mass payments from one place. Remove risky and time-consuming manual procedures — and free up valuable treasury resources.


Streamline your collection and reconciliation processes with Kantox IBANs. Learn more

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Mass payments

Streamline your mass payments, both spot and forward, and eliminate risky and time-consuming manual procedures.

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Mass payments

Discover our family of automated FX hedging solutions

Kantox powers an entire family of FX hedging programs that create value for your business

Discover our comprehensive suite of FX solutions

Use a data-driven approach to manage the end-to-end FX workflow

Centralise collections in multiple currencies and execute mass payments from one place.