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Automate your micro-hedging program

Businesses that update prices frequently can implement FX cash flow- and/or balance sheet hedging with automated micro-hedging programs.

The ideal strategy for companies with FX-driven, frequently updated prices

Does your business frequently update prices? Is an exchange rate always part of your pricing parameters? If so, use micro-hedging for balance sheet and cash-flow hedging and obtain complete traceability over your business’ FX exposure — item by item, one transaction at a time.
Secure profit margins

Use micro-hedging to align your pricing rate with your hedged FX rate and protect your profit margins under any currency market scenario.

Choose your hedged items

Implement balance sheet hedging and/or protect your firm’s cash flows by hedging invoices and/or firm commitments.

Price more competitively

Price more competitively by removing unnecessary markups and by using the forward rate — with no currency risk.

Micro-hedging programs that create value

Whether you choose to implement balance sheet hedging or to protect cash flows from FX risk, automated micro-hedging programs create value by removing costs and risks while allowing your business to expand into new markets by embracing currencies.

Avoid hedging mistakes

Exactly match your foreign currency exposure to your executed FX hedges and steer clear of costly discrepancies.

Automate manual tasks

Automate manual tasks and gain precision in your micro-hedging while removing costs and operational risks.

Obtain complete traceability

Track every item of the firm’s foreign currency exposure — each single entry has its own unique reference.

A success made possible by technology

Kantox Dynamic Hedging® can handle an unlimited amount of FX transactions in as many currencies as required, allowing you to implement the micro-hedging program that best suits your business’ needs.

Forget complexity

Take complexity out of the equation. Kantox’s software solutions seamlessly manage all the phases of a micro-hedging program.

Free up valuable resources

Automate low value-added tasks and let the treasury team fine-tune the process of foreign currency management.

Implement without delay

Use API connectivity to quickly and easily implement your micro-hedging program or combination of programs.

Automate your FX Hedging Programs.