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Automate your layered hedging program

Firms that keep steady prices over an extended period of time can automate layered hedging programs to reduce earnings and/or cash flow volatility.

The strategy of choice for companies that seek protection against currency volatility

Businesses that keep their prices as steady as possible during extended periods of time are especially exposed to FX risk. By smoothing out the hedged FX rate for each period, layered hedging programs protect firms from currency volatility — period over period.
Secure profit margins

Gradually smooth out your hedged FX rates in order to secure profit margins under any currency market scenario.

Protect your cash flows

Protect your budgeted revenues and expenditures from currency risk and steadily reduce earnings and cash flow variability.

Stay competitive

Bypass the need to adjust prices in the face of adverse currency fluctuations and seal your business’ competitive position.

A highly adaptable FX hedging solution

Automated layered hedging programs allow firms to secure their profit margins in the face of sharp, adverse FX market moves. Layered hedging programs can also be calibrated —in terms of hedge rates and program length— to reflect other goals set by the business.

Obtain early cash-flow visibility

Hedge early on and achieve the degree of cash flow visibility that your treasury team requires, period over period.

Optimise forward points

Adjust hedge ratios and take advantage of favourable forward points, or delay hedges when convenient.

Remove FX ‘cliffs’

Calibrate your layered hedging program to achieve the desired distance between hedge rates and market rates.

Many FX management solutions — all made possible by technology

With Currency Management Automation solutions, businesses can tackle any degree of complexity. Open up a world of easy-to-implement layered hedging programs and combinations of programs.

Add dynamism

Combine your program with a micro-hedging program to hedge firm commitments. Add dynamism while reducing forecast risk.

Remove FX gains and losses

Add a micro-hedging program to hedge invoices and boost the informational benefits of your financial statements.

Implement without delay

Use API connectivity to quickly and easily implement your layered hedging program or combination of programs.

Automate your FX Hedging Programs.