P2P Lending

P2P lending or “peer-to-peer lending” is a concept that relates to the practice by which individuals or companies invest into varying projects, mostly through online platforms that connect borrowers with lenders. The credit squeeze triggered by the 2008 financial crisis forced many businesses and entrepreneurs to seek alternative financing options to access more agile and […]

Partially convertible currency

A partially convertible currency is the legal tender of a country that is traded in low volumes in the global foreign exchange market. The exchange of the partially convertible currency is partly controlled by the government that issues it. Partially convertible currencies are, without exception, always exotic currencies, though not all exotic currencies are partially […]

Participating Forward

A participating forward is a derivative contract that allows the holder to benefit from favourable exchange rate movements for a predefined percentage of the total volume of currency traded in exchange for a less convenient forward rate than an outright forward. More info FX Forwards Dynamic Hedging Participating forwards in detail Due to their complex […]

Payment automation

Payment automation refers to a system for processing payments through software technology with minimal or no manual interaction. More info International Payments Payments Hub Currency Accounts Payments Automation for International Businesses International companies often rely on a global supply chain or have an extensive network of foreign suppliers. These practices may involve significant amounts of international […]

Payment Batch

Payment batches are arrays of invoices bundled together, according to certain selection criteria, to be paid at the same time to improve process efficiency within the treasury department. More info International Payments Payments Hub Currency Accounts International Payments Automation Businesses with an international presence that rely on a global supply chain often need to process many […]

Payment File

A payment file or a “batch payment file” is a document, normally produced by payment processing software solutions, specifying the details of each of the individual payments comprised in a payment batch. This file contains all the information necessary to process the transfer: the payer and beneficiaries’ account numbers, the amounts, pay-in and pay-out currencies, […]

Payment Netting

Payment netting is a treasury procedure that consists of grouping multiple cash flows into a single ‘netted’ amount. This practice allows positive and negative values to offset each other, thereby reducing cash flow risk. Payment netting strategies are useful for companies with numerous cash flows on the same day because they help them to reduce […]

Payment Processing software

The category of payments processing software includes an extensive range of systems that allow companies and individuals to send and receive payments automatically. Within payments processing software, there are two main groups: B2C and B2B payment solutions. B2C Payment processors are mainly payment gateways that allow merchants and e-commerce companies to process payments from their […]

Payment reconciliation software

The category of payment reconciliation software comprises a wide range of technological solutions to automate bank and intercompany reconciliation processes, credit card matching and invoice-to‑PO matching in order to simplify payment reconciliation. More info Currency Accounts Payments Hub Dynamic Hedging It is impractical for e-commerce companies, marketplaces and, in general, businesses processing significant volumes of […]

Payments factory

A payment factory is an entity that centralises control and management of the processing of payment flows within an organisation. More info International Payments Payments Hub Currency Accounts Advantages of a Payments Factory The main purpose of payment factories is to improve payment processing efficiency through centralisation. With this in mind, international companies processing a significant […]