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FX for the AdTech Industry

How AdTechs Can Optimise Profitability by Leveraging Currencies              

  • Using FX to enhance profit marginsIn such a dynamic industry, AdTech companies need to take advantage of the resources available to help them increase their margins and improve competitiveness. Inside this report you will discover how to leverage currencies.
  • Mapping currency risk in AdTechYou will learn how to take FX risk out of the equation to gain full visibility of the firm’s FX exposure.
  • Using currencies across the business, from the demand side to control budget and campaign performance, to the supply side to boost performance and even in Ad exchange to avoid FX markups in bidding prices.
  • FX automation for the modern AdTech companyWith end-to-end FX automation, firms in the AdTech space can take full ownership of FX risk and use currencies to their advantage to become more competitive and/or increasing profit margins. Optimise forward points Reduce operational risk Free up valuable resources