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How Capchase expanded globally with Currency Management Automation

How Capchase expanded globally with Currency Management Automation

Capchase, a US-based fintech, wanted to start lending in FX to grow their business but without taking on any additional FX risk. Discover how they worked with Kantox to expand globally.

Capchase is a US-based company which provides a suite of financial tools to help SaaS & subscription-based companies turn recurring revenue into flexible growth financing. With their scalable and non-dilutive financing model, Capchase enables their clients to fund growth and scale faster.

They saw an opportunity for fast and flexible growth capital that could coexist with other traditional funding sources like venture capital, and they were successful. Since their launch in 2020, the startup has raised over $900M to provide over $1.5 billion in financing to +3000 founders around the world.


Capchase’s Finance team needed a solution that could automate their heavy manual processes for executing spot FX transactions and exposure protection in advance payments. But the tedious task of hedging each individual repayment transaction was hindering the team’s efficiency.

Moreover, having USD funding available for their clients brought an additional challenge to the Treasury team. They faced increased FX risk by lending in foreign currencies. That is why Capchase was looking for currency management software that could handle their complex FX processes.


With Kantox’s currency management automation solution, Capchase can now achieve real-time FX exposure data collection by connecting their advanced booking system to the Kantox platform. Now, once a transaction is initiated inside the Capchase platform, Kantox immediately receives the information to execute a request for a spot trade to make the FX advance and multiple forward trades to hedge the repayment schedule.

Moreover, Kantox is also able to quickly replicate this strategy across multiple currency pairs. This gives Capchase the opportunity to continue expanding into new markets and grow the business.


After implementing Kantox’s currency management automation solution, Capchase achieved an automated FX workflow that could seamlessly execute global transactions. This allows the Treasury team to focus on more value-added tasks. They improved governance and control by using Kantox as a centralised tool for real-time risk monitoring and reporting. They also reduced risks and costs by systematically deploying the optimal hedging program.

By automating their FX workflow and reducing the time spent on low-value tasks, lending in foreign currencies is no longer a complex process for Capchase. Now the Treasury team can focus on being more strategic and supporting the company’s faster growth to support their expansion plans.

You can also accelerate your global expansion thanks to an efficient currency management strategy. Request your free strategy session with our currency management specialists to start now.

Through a seamless API integration, Kantox has allowed us to put a simple and effective hedging program on autopilot, helping us to expand into new geographies and to support new currencies with minimal overhead.

Jonah Remz
Vice President of Finance

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