What is Currency Management Automation?

Currency Management Automation is a technology that streamlines the entire foreign currency workflow. By automating the different phases of the FX management process, businesses can remove costs and risks —including currency risk— and unlock opportunities for growth. 

Going well beyond FX trading

Success in foreign currency operations depends on the ability to price with FX rates, collect and process the relevant information, execute the corresponding hedges, manage outgoing payments, and use data to fine-tune the process. Currency Management Automation brings all the pieces together — allowing your business to thrive in the midst of complexity.

FX Workflow

Going well beyond FX trading 

Traditionally, treasurers had to rely on spreadsheets, phones and bank platforms to support their FX risk management tasks. Given their cross-company impact, these manual procedures can result in a number of inefficiencies, including:

  • Inefficient manual tasks: manual exposure collection and monitoring across multiple systems, creating more FX and operational risks.
  • Lack of visibility: insufficient real-time visibility over exposure data leading to incorrect hedges.
  • Exposed cash flows: FX fluctuations putting margins at risk and exposing business’ cash flows.
  • Decreased competitiveness: lacking FX solutions to price more competitively and with no currency risk
  • Disjointed softwares: a lack of end-to-end software for the entire FX workflow resulting in fragmented currency management.
  • Limits to automation: automation being limited to trade execution

Adding value through automation

By systematically keeping FX risk at bay, Currency Management Automation allows businesses to ditch the negative-only vision of risk and to expand into promising new markets while protecting profit margins — all in a fully automated way. A win-win proposition for treasury and finance teams.

  • Protect your budgeted revenues and expenditures: avoid over-hedging and achieve a hedge rate equal to or better than your campaign/budget FX rate.
  • Safeguard your profit margins from currency risk: take currency risk out of the equation and secure your profit margins under any exchange rate scenario.
  • Reduce earnings and cash-flow variability: select the hedging program —or combination of hedging programs— best suited to reduce earnings and cash-flow variability.
  • Free your team from low-value manual tasks: automate time-consuming manual tasks and free up your team to focus on what really matters for your business.
  • Optimise forward points: hedge early when forward points are in your favour and delay hedging when they are not.
  • Buy and sell in more currencies: with cash flows protected from currency risk, you can deal in as many currencies as needed to scale your business.
  • Increase competitiveness: take advantage of the many possibilities offered by foreign exchange markets to price more competitively — with no FX risk.

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