Going well beyond FX trading

Success in foreign currency operations depends on the ability to price with FX rates, collect and process the relevant information, execute the corresponding hedges, manage outgoing payments, and use data to fine-tune the process. Currency Management Automation brings all the pieces together — allowing your business to thrive in the midst of complexity.

FX Workflow

End-to-end currency management

Currency management is no longer the resource-intensive activity it once was. Today, CFOs and treasurers can run the entire FX workflow with the help of a unique software solution designed to systematically tackle the following pain points:

FX-induced earnings and cash flow variability


Remove FX risk with great precision

High cost of currency management


Reduce the cost of hedging and operating costs

Operating risks from manual processes


Focus on
high-value tasks

Missed growth opportunities


Scale your business by using more currencies

Automate your Currency Management now