Capture pricing markups

Sell in more currencies and improve customer experience. Avoid passing on FX conversion costs and add a pricing markup while reducing the overall cost for your customers.

Increase profit margins 3

Optimise forward points

Take advantage of Currency Management Automation solutions and set up automatic conditional orders to delay hedging when forward points are not in your favour.

Optimise forward points

Reduce credit risk

Sell in more currencies and remove credit risk surprises by taking FX management burdens off the shoulders of your customers.

Remove credit risk

Eliminate double conversion costs

Deal in emerging markets currencies and eliminate the double conversion cost incurred by buyers and sellers when using USD as a proxy currency.

Automate the optimal hedging program

Companies may have different revenue streams —machines, spare parts and services— each with its own pricing dynamics and currency risk. Different hedging programs, running in parallel, can be automated to adequately address each type of FX risk.

Automate your
Currency Management