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Kantox Engineer ranked twice in global Top 20 on Stack Overflow

The Kantox tech team has grown a lot since being founded in 2011. The current team of 43 is led by company co-founder and CTO, John Carbajal, formerly of HP and Intel.

John has set-up a well-regarded team of software engineers, programmers and developers that help to build our award-winning currency management solutions. According to him, they also “make the fintech miracle possible”

As well as hosting meetups for Elixir (which, along with Ruby, Java and Ember.js is one of the main programming languages used by Kantox), the Barcelona-based tech team has a solid reputation of sharing knowledge within the tech community. This also includes on Github, where the team has its own blog. 

The Kantox tech team lead programming meetups to share information and best practices with the Barcelona tech community.

Another place that programmers often go when they need to find solutions to challenging technical problems is Stack Overflow (SO), a very large online community for developers to learn and share​ their programming ​knowledge. 

Aleksei Matiushkin, Software Engineer at Kantox is a regular contributor. He was also recently recognised in the SO Hall of Fame for amassing over six figures (101,311 in total points) for his answers, placing him in the Top 20 worldwide, for both the Ruby and Elixir programming languages.

“The developer’s skill is linearly proportional to an amount of ugly code which was written to be thrown into the trash can.” – Aleksei

For those in the tech world, it’s a pretty big deal. However, for someone non-tech oriented, this won’t mean as much. 

In a nutshell, SO uses an up and downvote system to rank the best answers in terms of usefulness. Tags are also used to define operating systems, programming languages, hardware, programmes, functions etc. 

By score, Aleksei currently ranks 16th in the world for the #ruby programming language tag and 4th worldwide for #elixir.

He is also the only person in the world to hold two Top 20 positions at the same time. 

As John explains, “There are many people that are very knowledgeable in one area, but very few that are so helpful in two – let alone an expert in answers for both at the same time. It’s a testament to Kantox to have people like Aleksei in the team.”   

One of Kantox’s core values is ‘learn everyday’ and the company is committed to sharing knowledge and developing talent.  Aleksei is just one of the team members helping others grow and develop professionally. 

As Kantox Solutions Architect, Saverio, adds, “I value the professionalism and respect we have for each other. By continuously sharing knowledge we are also creating the best possible environment for everyone. No one is forced to work a certain way and anyone can propose new ideas – no matter your level of seniority.”