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How German exporters can reduce the cost of hedging

German companies with international operations face the challenge of a heavy Euro forward premium. Discover how automated solutions can help you reduce the cost of FX hedging and successfully operate with foreign currencies.

  • The Euro’s heavy forward premiumThe recent sharp increase in interest rates in the U.S. and many emerging market currencies has raised the costs of hedging FX exposure. Learn how you can take advantage of automation solutions to solve this.
  • Tackling EUR’s forward premium with conditional ordersConditional orders can bring a number of advantages to German exporters facing unfavourable forward points. We take you through all the ways you can leverage them to reduce the cost of carry.
  • German corporates: a solution for intercompany loansWhat happens when a company needs to issue intercompany loans at discounted currencies? Inside this report, you will find the best way to delay hedge execution to obtain more favourable hedge rates.
  • Forget about excessive pricing markupsShould German companies battling with the EUR’s forward premium price with spot or forward rates? We show you how you can avoid excessive markups and find the optimal pricing strategy.