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Currency Management for B2B and B2C Travel Distributors

Find out how to achieve new revenue streams in the multi-currency world in this comprehensive guidebook to automated currency management for B2B and B2C Travel distribution companies: 

  • Use currencies as a competitive advantage 

Reduce contracting costs by buying/paying in the currency of suppliers and speak the language of your customers to leverage currencies to outsmart the competition. 

  • Learn why you need to take out FX risk of the equation

Given the low margins involved in the Travel industry, even slight FX rate fluctuations can have a large negative impact on profitability. We will show you how you can remove currency risk to protect your profit margins in all transactions.

  • Discover the benefits of centralised FX risk management

Centralising FX risk management makes it possible for headquarters to reduce costs while strengthening control across the entire group. Uncover the secret to automated FX centralisation.