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Flexible Forward

A flexible forward contract, also known as an open forward contract, is a contractual agreement to buy or sell a specified amount of one currency against payment in another currency on or before a specified date in the future known as the ‘value date’. By contrast, when both parties are legally obliged to exchange the funds on the value date, the forward contract is said to be ‘fixed’, ‘closed’ or ‘standard’. In a flexible forward contract, the funds can be exchanged in one go (“outright”). Alternatively, several payments may be made over the course of the contract provided that the entire amount is settled by the maturity date. For example, a US company knows it will have to pay a number of invoices from a supplier based in the Eurozone during next year. I can decide to purchase a 12-month open USD-EUR forward contract, allowing it to make drawdowns to pay the supplier in euros, as and when necessary, over the course of the year.