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Kantox appoints Maria Chamorro as its new Chief Financial Officer

Maria Chamorro Kantox CFOKantox is pleased to announce the appointment of Maria Chamorro as its new Chief Financial Officer.

After starting her career at one of the Big Four, (as an auditor in KPMG), Maria has held senior positions at other fintech companies, most recently at Flywire, where she helped the company to successfully grow from five to 150 people.

Spanish by birth, Maria also spent five years working in the United States, in Boston, Massachusetts for the same company (where she also developed her love for American-style food!)

With a background in financial technology and fundraising experience under her belt, Maria says she understands the complexity of the business and is excited to join the team:

“It’s a complex sector and I feel comfortable here,” she says. “I think the company is doing a great job of providing its disruptive technology in a space where there is still a lot to do, so I’m pleased to take on the role of CFO at Kantox.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my experience to the company and overseeing the financial decision-making efforts to drive further growth,” she affirms.

Kantox Founder and CEO, Philippe Gelis adds: “the CFO plays an important role in a Fintech company like Kantox and Maria was a great choice for us. She will help us scale and structure the company.

Welcome to the company Maria!