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By Sian Bennett

Travel Industry Webinar: Managing FX in Times of Uncertainty

Published March 31, 2020

The travel industry is, arguably, one of the most significantly impacted by Covid-19. So what can be done to reduce – as much as possible – exchange rate risk?

Currency market volatility combined with a slowdown in business or bookings is a challenging combination. It also means that many existing FX risk management strategies may no longer be up to the task.

Our experts are asking the question: How is your business managing exchange rate risk during this time of uncertainty? 

Sign up here to join our live webinar, Managing FX in Times of Uncertainty in the Travel Industry, Monday, April 1 at 11:00 CET. If you can’t make it at that time, the recording will be made available to all those that sign up.  


Our travel and currency risk experts have put their heads together to create a practical webinar filled with detailed information about how travel players can manage FX risk even more effectively. 

Kantox Chief Growth Officer, Toni Rami, along with Global Travel Industry Leader (FX Specialist), Marc Padrosa will walk attendees through specific strategies. 

They will also highlight commonly applied strategies that may no longer be as effective as during pre-Covid-19 times, and provide tools to help companies make changes in order to mitigate – as much as possible – any additional market volatility. 

This webinar has been created especially for those in the travel industry and for any business in this sector struggling with FX risk management. 

Click here to leave your details and you’ll be invited to Kantox’s special Travel Industry webinar. 


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