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A Guide to Centralising FX Risk Management

Discover the benefits of centralising cash and liquidity management at the group level and get the tools you need for better visibility and control over FX risk. In this comprehensive guide you will learn:

  • What are the challenges of a de-centralised Treasury function

When a decentralised Treasury setup is in place, the group has no uniform FX policy. Learn why existing solutions are not enough to tackle the high trading costs and eliminate silos in FX risk management.

  • How FX centralisation takes exposure netting to the next level

FX centralisation greatly enhances the scope of exposure netting. Discover how you can optimise your exposure netting abilities at the group level and achieve better terms with your liquidity providers.

  • How does the unique automation solution for centralised FX management work

Inside this report, you will understand how Kantox In-House FX, our automation solution for FX centralisation will allow you to gain more visibility and control over all FX-related activities of the group.