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Dynamic Hedging

Created by Kantox, Dynamic Hedging is a Currency Management Automation software solution that eliminates all or most FX risk and enables managers to capture the growth opportunities that result from buying and selling in local currencies. By keeping FX risk at bay, Dynamic Hedging allows firms to take control of their own competitiveness.  Dynamic Hedging automates —in accordance with business rules defined by each company— the three phases of the hedging process: pre-trade (exposure collection and monitoring), trade (forward transaction execution), and post-trade (reporting management). For this reason, Dynamic Hedging is known as an ‘end-to-end’ solution.

Kantox’s Currency Management Automation solutions integrate Dynamic Hedging and allow companies to deploy the hedging programs that best responds to the needs of the business, taking into account the firm’s pricing parameters, degree of forecast accuracy, and situation in terms of forward points.

Whether a company desires to protect its budget from FX fluctuations with static, rolling or layered programs, or whether it aims at ‘microheding’ its many foreign currency-denominated transactions, Dynamic Hedging ensures that the firm systematically achieves its risk management goals.