FX automation for your corporate clients

At Kantox, we help leading banks execute innovation at scale. As a partner, you’ll be able to start providing technology solutions within your foreign currency offerings to your corporate clients. Through our banking partnerships, we:

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Bring automation to your FX offerings

Create genuine value for your banking customers by bringing automation and efficiency to their currency management workflow and cross-border payments.

Provide best-in-class software

Supply client-focused technology that allows you to respond to your customer’s ever-evolving treasury needs, and bring them the confidence to navigate the modern FX ecosystem.

Accelerate innovation

Facilitate your bank in reinforcing its commitment to digital growth and transformation within the financial landscape.

Integrate FX Automation into your product

Differentiate your solution by integrating Kantox’s currency management functionalities into your product. Through a partnership, you can:

Be part of the treasury ecosystem

We connect with systems such as CRMs like Salesforce, ERPs like SAP, TMSs, or payment service providers to form an ecosystem that provides a complete solution for treasury teams.

Enjoy Industry-specific connectivity

We partner with industry-specific solutions like travel booking systems to seamlessly integrate the entire currency management workflow into your vertical offering.

Simplify currency management

Integrate Kantox’s currency management functionalities through powerful APIs into your product line.

Help your clients grow globally

Allow your clients to leverage foreign currencies to expand internationally while keeping currency risk under control.

Unlock opportunities and provide innovation

Reinforce your position as a key provider of corporate treasury solutions for international companies by partnering with us. Through a collaboration with Kantox:

Expand your solutions

You will be able to strengthen your brand and extend your offerings by adding our award-winning automated solutions to your product line.

Lead digital transformation

You will increase your commitment to providing innovative financial and treasury technology to your customers.

Grow your business

Introducing the Kantox solution to your services unlocks potential for additional consulting business, such as implementation, process re-design or change management.

Access world-class support

We supply access to expert coaching and support services for your team.

Automate your Currency Management