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Optimising cash & FX risk management

The ‘Cash Flow Moment’ of FX risk management. Based on real industry data, in this exclusive whitepaper, you will discover the benefits of automated swap execution:

  • Eliminate the pain points of manual swap execution
    We’ll show you how to streamline the time-consuming and resource-heavy task of adjusting your company’s hedging position to the cash settlement of its underlying commercial exposure.
  • Take advantage of traceability to automate swap execution
    Through a real-life example, learn how perfect end-to-end traceability eases the process of swap execution.
  • Explore the links between liquidity- and FX risk management
    See how effective FX risk management can positively impact different areas of liquidity management, including cash flow forecasting and collateral management.
  • Take a step into the digital treasury
    Think of automated swap execution as the stepping stone to the digital treasury, allowing CFOs and treasurers to implement software that can give boost their business.