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Adding value to the treasury function: the strategic relevance of currency management

In this practical on-demand webinar, we evaluate the common misconception of the treasury role as a solely administrative function, and assess how treasurers can start adding more value while strategically impacting company growth.   Presented by Antonio Rami, Kantox Chief Growth Officer and François Masquelier, Honorary Chairman of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers, in this 45-minute webinar, we will:

  • Discover the evolving role of the corporate treasurer as a commercial enabler
  • Analyse the limitations faced by treasurers when seeking to increase the strategic value of their function
  • Evaluate the perception of the treasurer as an administrative machine
  • Learn how treasurers can drive company growth via effective currency management
  • Assess how FX management has moved beyond the silo approach to become a topic of cross-company relevance