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currency management

Currency management is the process by which companies can capture the growth opportunities that result from buying and selling in multiple currencies. Currency management is therefore of strategic value to most firms. Currency management is carried out across the entire FX workflow: the pre-trade phase (including the firm’s pricing policy), the trade phase (hedge execution) and the post-trade phase (cash management and accounting). By pricing and selling in their clients’ currencies, firms ‘speak the language’ of their customers, allowing commercial teams to add promising new markets to the portfolio. Moreover, they are in a position to capture the price mark-up usually applied by clients who receive quotes in foreign currencies. Buying in suppliers’ currency allows managers to widen the range of potential suppliers and to bypass supplier markups, thus leading to higher profit margins. Effective currency management presupposes effective FX hedging. Depending on a company’s specific parameters, Currency Management Automation solutions allow managers to design the hedging programs —and combinations of hedging programs— that best protect them for currency risk, in an automated manner.