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The CFO’s currency management guide & checklist

Discover key currency management tips for CFOs in our guide, including a bonus checklist to help you improve business performance. Inside you’ll find:            

  • Why currencies matter to strategic CFOs
    There are several benefits of implementing a multi-currency strategy. We summarise the four main contributions of currency hedging that positively affect your business.
  • What to hedge? Cash flows vs. balance sheet items
    Based on real industry data, we analyse whether it’s best to hedge cash flows or balance sheet items. Discover which strategy fits your company’s goals.
  • How to overcome the challenges of volatile times
    We take you through the best ways to face the challenges impacting FX risk in a volatile market: FX rate volatility, shifting interest rate differentials, and scarce forecasting accuracy.
  • Actionable steps for currency managers
    We’ve included a handy checklist of steps that will help you devise an optimal FX strategy supported by Currency Management Automation solutions.