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Removing FX Gains & Losses: Balance Sheet Hedging Redefined

Learn how you can avoid unexpected gains and losses when accounting for the impact of FX while achieving a clean, zero-line on their P/L.

  • The pitfalls of traditional balance sheet hedging programs

Balance sheet hedging is a complex task when managing the FX risk. Learn what strategy will help you avoid incurring FX gains and losses.

  • How to implement market-driven balance sheet hedging

Inside this report, you will learn how you can effectively delay the execution of hedges to deal with FX gains and losses while achieving netting opportunities and reducing the cost of carry.

  • Why FX automation is needed to achieve a zero-line in FX gains and losses

To properly implement this market-driven FX program, you need to have an automation tool that supports you on the manual execution of the tasks involved to eliminate the P&L impact of FX risk. Discover all the advantages of automation.