Erfahren Sie, wie dieses Unternehmen seine Hedging-Kosten gesenkt und seine Margen
um sich auf die Budgetierungsphase vor
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Budget Hedging Report

Discover how to Systematically Outperform your Budget Rate. Based on real industry data, in this exclusive whitepaper, you will discover:        

  • The best way to set a budget rate
    Start by setting a ‘worst-case scenario’ rate. Next, create a corridor to defend that rate while taking advantage of favourable moves in currency markets.
  • How to delay hedge execution while reducing forecast risk
    Use the ‘corridor’ to  delay hedge execution while continuously updating your cash flow forecasts.
  • How to improve your budgeted profit margins
    While protecting the budget rate, add a micro-hedging program for firm commitments — and consistently outperform budgeted profit margins.
  • Top solutions to automate time-consuming processes
    Implement API-based connectivity to ease the burden of manual workload.