Different businesses, different needs

FX risk management is complex process which varies from company to company. Find a program that will suit your business's very individual goals, risk tolerance and pricing criteria.

Skip the ad hoc hedging and speculation

Like stocks prices and the price of other financial assets, exchange rates are not predictable. Speculation may work once or twice, but sooner or later it will lead to disaster.

Reduce risk and start growing your business

Taking currency risk out of the equation allows you confidently take advantage of the benefits of ‘embracing currencies’ to expand in new markets while protecting your business’ profit margins.

Identify knowledge gaps and opportunities

Assess the strength of your FX risk management skills, and identify opportunities to upskill you and your team for the future. 

Access valuable resources, tips and insights

We’ll share resources based on your skills level and knowledge needs to help transform your currency management strategy.

Challenge your colleagues

Share your results with colleagues and peers, and challenge them to beat your score!

“It is crucial for the corporate treasury to further automate processes in order to enhance internal controls, mitigate risks, fight against the growing risk of fraud and simplify processes.”

François Masquelier,
Honorary Chairman of EACT

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Case Study – AERTiCKET

Their primary business is the brokerage of airline tickets to travel agencies, tour operators and Online Travel Agencies

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