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Webinar – Secrets Behind “Layered Hedging Programs”

Published May 13, 2020

During these turbulent times, currency hedging practices once considered effective, are now struggling to deliver. 

If you’re a Treasurer, CFO or CEO, join Kantox Chief Growth Officer, Antonio Rami for a special 45-minute webinar, where he will look at how firms can reduce their FX impact beyond budget periods.

The 45-minute webinar, The Secrets Behind “Layered Hedging Programs”, will take place on Thursday 28th May at 11:00 CEST and you can sign up here.

Layered Hedging

Toni will also do a deep dive into the case of firms that need to smooth their hedge rate between different periods. He will review the best programs to achieve these goals, with a special focus on the different configurations of a layered hedging program. 

Sign up and learn more about:

  • When it’s sensible to have ‘smoothing the rate’ as an FX hedging goal
  • The different challenges posed by this type of hedging based on time periods
  • How configurations of layered hedging programs can help different types of companies to achieve their goals

There will be a Q&A session to close the webinar. 




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