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Webinar – Secrets Behind “Hedging the Budget” 

Published May 13, 2020

Unfavourable FX market movements are causing havoc for many companies and hedging practices once considered effective, are now struggling to deliver. 

With that in mind, Kantox’s Chief Growth Officer and co-founder, Antonio Rami, has put together a special webinar for CEOs, CFOs, treasury and finance teams looking to improve their currency management practices. 

The 45-minute webinar, The Secrets Behind “Hedging the Budget”, will take place on Wednesday 27th May at 11:00 CEST and you can sign up here.

Toni will provide a framework to diagnose the most suitable FX hedging programmes for any given company and do a deep dive into the specific cases for firms that need to set hedges based on an annual budget.

“In this webinar, I’ll look at the most suitable FX hedging programmes given the current climate, focusing on the case for companies that need to set hedges based on an annual budget – then sit tight until their next budget is approved – as well as firms hedging on a campaign-by-campaign basis,” says Toni.

Sign up and learn more about:

  • When the mantra “protect the budget or campaign rates” is a suitable FX hedging goal
  • The challenges posed by this type of hedging based on time periods
  • How to assess the most suitable hedging programs based on specific company features

There will be a Q&A session to close the webinar. 


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