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Kantox Leads UK Currency Exchange Rankings

To be recognised as the market leader in foreign exchange rates by an independent comparison site is further proof that UK SMEs save more on their foreign exchange transactions with us than with any other UK provider. 

Philippe Gelis, founder and CEO of Kantox

Kantox ranks first for UK money exchange on the independent FX rates comparison site, FX-rate.net. Kantox specialises in business FX for SMEs and so, for transactions of over €5,000, among UK FX service providers we are ranked first.

At Kantox we provide foreign exchange services for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) by offering the live mid-market rate updated in real-time. With us you will be confident that your business will be receiving the benchmark exchange rate, leading to boosted profits and lower FX costs.

Click here to search for exchange rates on FX-rate.net and you will see that Kantox is your number one provider.

The screenshots below show 5 typical exchange rate searches, including euro to US dollar. They are some of the most common currency pairs in the European FX market. The below 5 are just a portion of the currency pairs that Kantox offers.

British pound sterling to US dollar (GBP/USD)

Pound sterling to US dollar
Best pound sterling to US dollar FX rates

British pound sterling to euro (GBP/EUR)

Pound sterling to euro
Best pound sterling to euro FX rates

Euro to US dollar (EUR/USD)

Euro to US dollar
Best Euro to US dollar FX rates

Swiss franc to euro (CHF/EUR)

Swiss franc to euro
Best Swiss franc to euro FX rates

Swedish krona to euro (SEK/EUR)

Best Swedish krona to euro exchange rate
Best Swedish krona to euro FX rates

As you can see from the screenshots, Kantox comes out in front of PayPal, TransferWise and CurrencyFair, among other FX service providers for UK currency exchange across a multitude of currency combinations.

These rates coupled with our transparent commission fees charged, averaging 0.14% to 0.19%, lead to a cost-efficient, fair foreign exchange service.

At Kantox we charge absolutely no other fees (with nothing in the small print), ensuring that your business receives a fair, transparent FX service. The comparison findings are testament to the fact that with Kantox, your businesses will unquestionably achieve large savings on FX transactions.