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By Antonio Rami

The corporate finance chief: faced with a do or die role change

Published March 31, 2016

Of all the management posts in a company, probably no other in the last 30 years has faced as many changes. CFOs are subject to a process of continual renewal.

Financial directors, who, until the 80s spent most of their time balancing company accounts, have evolved to having a more strategic role, a tendency which has grown exponentially since the 2008 crisis, when companies, beset by the difficulty of accessing credit, turned to their CFOs for innovative solutions in matters affecting a wide range of business areas.

This change shows that the role of the Corporate Finance Chief requires specific qualities, among others, a strong capacity to adapt, and, above all, to keep up to date and ready to take advantage of all the technological advances that contribute to making their job more efficient.

At Kantox, we work with financial directors from all kinds of companies and from the widest cross-section of sectors possible, and we know, first hand, the challenges that they face and how the most advanced prepare their CFOs for the future. Do you want to know more? Download our report by clicking on the image below.


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