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Why we sponsor the Caterham Formula 1 Team

It’s not easy to be a challenger, when the odds are stacked against you.

When your budget is limited and you have to coordinate a large team, master technology and keep the spirits high, tough is not even the word.

When you are up against giants, long-established players in their field.

When you toil in an environment resistant to change.

It’s not easy to be a challenger. An underdog.

And yet, there are underdogs in every sport, and in every industry. People who believe in their cause and fight for it.

Teams that don’t give up, no matter how bad the odds are.

Davids battling their Goliaths.

They have produced some of sport’s greatest moments.

Caterham, the British Formula One team is such a challenger, and this is its great week. Let me explain why.

What Caterham are up against

Caterham have had €70 million to fund their season, whereas Red Bull Racing have counted on a massive €425 million, and Ferrari on €410 million.

The Caterham budget was so minimal that the F1 team wasn’t able to compete in the US and Brazilian races due to lack of funding. Still, they never threw in the towel.

They became the first Formula 1 team ever to raise money through crowdfunding and succeeded in reaching their fund target to compete at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last event of this year’s season.

When I saw their crowdfunding campaign I thought, “Yes, these guys do everything possible to compete.” And the truth is, it doesn’t really matter where they finish. The point is that they came back, they are competing again and they broke boundaries to make that happen, which I find truly motivating.

They’ve brought freshness to the sport and their remarkable crowdfunding feat has got everyone talking about them.


At Kantox, we are absolutely delighted to form a part of this adventure. We’ll be joining other  companies as sponsors & partners for the Caterham F1 team for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Kantox logo will appear on the Caterham car alongside those of other companies that have decided to support this final push from one of Formula One’s most loved underdogs, who count on the smallest budget on the grid.

As a big F1 fan myself, I am over the moon to be involved in a grand prix. Our Kantox team also has its fair share of F1 fans too and we’ll be watching the race together from our Barcelona office come Sunday with some pizza and beer ordered in!

Why did we decide to support the Caterham team?

When we became aware of the chance to sponsor Caterham, we saw it as a unique opportunity. We wanted to help them to finish with a bang.

We are a used to being a challenger ourselves, operating in a foreign exchange market dominated by big banks. One of them, Banco Santander, is the largest sponsor of  Ferrari’s F1 team. Well, we are proud to sponsor Caterham, the smallest F1 team.

At Kantox we cheer on the challenger against the odds.

It is these challengers that necessarily upset the status quo. They are crucial for the evolution of every industry.

It is the successful challengers that end up bringing the innovation that moves every sector forward.

The world needs more challengers (and Formula 1, too).

We salute you, Caterham. And wish you all the best.


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