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SEPA is coming, you better get ready

In less than 3 months, February 2014, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) will become fully operational. Most European CFOs have read about SEPA but still many of us feel significant SEPA knowledge deficit and are worried about SEPA implementation in their respective companies.

Tips to get ready for SEPA

We know that feeling. To improve our own knowledge and to help our clients to get ready for SEPA implementation, we have read hundreds of pages of SEPA-related content and we have compiled a pdf document with the most important economic and managerial implications.

In the document we explain how SEPA improves cross-border payments, simplifies payment reconciliation, and we cover many other SEPA-related topics (SCT and SDD payment schemes, payment recall mechanism etc).

If you want to download the full article, just click here!