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Security update on phishing attacks 

We’ve detected domains that are impersonating kantox.com and are working with the registrars to have the domains taken down as quickly as possible.

This is an example of an increasing trend where criminals try to take advantage of the COVID-19 situation to steal user credentials and money from companies and individuals. Banks, financial institutions, and their clients are the most common targets for these types of attacks.

For our clients, please remain vigilant and be sure that staff are double-checking email addresses and links; phishing is a real danger. Avoid sharing your username or password by email or inputting them into fake, copycat websites.

As anticipated in our COVID-19 statement, we have also increased and reinforced the due diligence for any requests to change business domiciles, update bank account details or other data changes that might facilitate fraud.

If you detect any suspicious email or website impersonating Kantox, please contact us.