All-in- one

All your international payments on a single and easy-to- use platform.

Automate your FX management

Start making international payments and see how SWIFT messages and the multi-payments tool can help your treasury team.

Save time with the multi-payments tool

  • Step 1 - Data collection

    You send us the data with the payments to make via the platform, a file (.csv) or the API.

  • Step 2 - Settlement

    We process all exchanges needed at once and generate one single payment instruction (per sold currency) for you.

  • Step 3 - Multi-payments clearing

    We process all payments and send proof of payment messages to you and all beneficiaries.

Why Kantox and not my bank ?

International payments are usually very expensive with banks, and fees and commissions are often unclear.


International payments are included in the fee we charge for FX transactions. In other words, there is no additional cost to pay anywhere in the world. Note that in the case of multi-payments, we charge a fixed fee per outgoing payment.


Our clients reported their banks had previously charged them up to 1% of the amount sent.

Do you know how much you are really paying?

SWIFT: security, traceability and control

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, the organisation in charge of managing the financial messaging service between banks and financial institutions all over the world.

The SWIFT message is the tool guaranteeing transparency in the transfer process, for both sender and recipient alike. It allows complete traceability of the funds transferred and the payment details.


SWIFT allows for complete traceability

  • We inform the recipient of the transfer as soon as the payment is issued
  • We use SWIFT to check all details of the payment upon receipt of the funds and before making payments
  • We provide a proof of payment with all the details, based on the SWIFT message
  • With Kantox, you will have increased traceability with SWIFT

Interested in knowing more about SWIFT? Download our guide on how to read a SWIFT message.

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