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By Guillermo Alcalá

Kantox signs a collaboration agreement with Lescovex Digital Assets

Published February 6, 2018


The digital investment platform Lescovex has signed a collaboration agreement with Kantox, the Fintech leader in the automation of the risk management of currency for companies.

With this agreement, Kantox will move on to manage the currency exchanges of this innovative Swiss Exchange, based on the disruptive Blockchain technology and the smart contracts established through Ethereum. This alliance will boost the internationalization of Lescovex, since it will facilitate investments at a global and multi-currency level.

Quim Franquesa, COO of Lescovex, affirms that this collaboration is a great step forward: “The integration of Kantox into our system will boost the internationalisation of Lescovex, providing value and investment facilities from any part of the world and with any currency”

“The commitment to innovation and technology is part of the DNA of Kantox and in that sense we are very happy to be part of the internationalisation of Lescovex” says Philippe Gelis, CEO and Cofounder of Kantox

This agreement is about the fiat currency management of the platform but not cryptocurrencies, since these are not part of the Kantox activity.


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