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By Sian Bennett

Kantox joins IATA’s Strategic Partnerships programme

Published April 7, 2020

Kantox is pleased to announce it has joined IATA’s Strategic Partnerships programme. The International Air Transport Association  – better known as IATA – is the trade association for around 280 airlines and has offered the programme for non-airline businesses since 1990.

Currently, over 450 businesses participate, with the objective of sharing ideas and collaborating to improve aviation practices and technology. As part of the programme, Kantox will provide specialist fintech and payment services knowledge to airlines

Kantox’s Toni Rami receives the Speaker of the Day award at IATA’s 6th World Financial Symposium, from Aleksander Popovich, SVP Financial and Distribution Services, IATA.

IATA’s Strategic Partners contribute to technological innovation and thought leadership in order to catalyse and promote growth and sustainability in the airline industry. As Kantox’s Chief Growth Officer and co-founder, Toni Rami, explains: “IATA is an important body that represents over 80% of the world’s airlines and we are delighted to be recognised as a Strategic Partner. 

“Through this partnership, Kantox is providing cutting-edge technology to airlines, enabling them to manage FX risk more efficiently. Using automation, they can leverage real-time data in a simple way, empowering their finance teams to becomes business enablers, instead of just risk managers,” he concludes. 

In 2019, Toni attended IATA’s 6th World Financial Symposium in Miami where his talk on Leveraging Data to Streamline FX Hedging and Multi-currency Pricing also saw him voted Speaker of the Day.


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