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By Guillermo Alcalá

KANTOX and Finavi join forces to offer digital financial services for German SMEs

Published January 25, 2018


Finavi, a provider of digital financial services for small and medium business and Kantox are collaborating to create a complete CFO as a service platform that allows German businesses to improve their financial management in a simple and efficient way.

FINAVI Finance Manager: The FINAVI Finance manager allows companies to analyse and forecast cash flows of multiple business accounts, to collaborate with multi-user management and to plan their business with integrated budgeting and forecasting

FINAVI business account and Debit card: Companies can open a FINAVI business account online with an incorporated debit card with Finavi’s partner SolarisBank.

Financing: Companies can submit fully digital financing applications for business overdrafts with solarisBank and investment loans for up to EUR 250,000 with FundingCircle.

Insurance service: Finavi offers commercial insurance health checks together with Gewerbeversicherung24. Companies can manage and apply for insurance policies digitally with Finavi.

International transactions: From now on, Finavi clients will also have access to international transactions in foreign currencies with the guaranteed transparent conditions provided by Kantox, the market leader on currency risk management for businesses.

This partnership will provide German small and medium businesses with a compelling solution to support their growth: “Kantox partnership with Finavi offers small and medium companies with a solution to outsource some of their day-to-day tasks and focus on strategic aspects, something up till now, only available to big companies” says Philippe Gelis, CEO at Kantox.

If you want to know more, access Finavi’s website


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