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By Sian Bennett

Kantox exchanges more than $10 billion on FX platform

Published June 21, 2019

Kantox has just achieved a new milestone. Since launching in 2011, our clients have now exchanged more than USD 10 billion on the FX platform.

This figure – which was recorded as $10,279,683,340 on June 18, 2019 – is also a nod to our growth in recent years.

Kantox staff celebrate $10 billion milestone
Kantox staff gathered to celebrate the $10 billion milestone in Barcelona this week

“This is an important internal milestone for us and one that we are proud to achieve,” said Philippe Gelis, CEO and co-founder of Kantox.

“Our ambition is to fully automate FX management and payment processes so that companies can hedge FX risk, exchange currencies and make payments in foreign currencies as easily as they can in local ones.

“We are well on our way to achieving that with the launch of several new products and partnerships with leading banks,” concluded Philippe.

As Kantox continues to scale – with a recorded growth rate of 482% between 2015-2018 – the company has been consistently awarded and is considered a global fintech reference for FX risk management.

This growth has been driven by innovative currency management and payment solutions including Payments Factory and Dynamic Hedging, with the company recently launching Kantox Currency Accounts in 29 different currencies.


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