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Kantox announces partnership with XanderPay

We are pleased to announce a partnership between XanderPay and Kantox, enabling multi-currency B2B payments to be made to hotels at industry-leading foreign exchange rates via local bank transfers. In addition to underpinning XanderPay’s Bank Transfer Guarantee, which provides hotels with an alternative form of payment to virtual credit cards, this collaboration will allow hotel chains to implement guest-centric payment strategies for consumer-facing transactions.

XanderPay’s hotel solutions have been designed to bring fairness to B2B payments in the hotel industry. “As the hotel industry begins to recover from the pandemic, we see a tremendous opportunity to do things better – especially with hotel payments. Guests now expect a contactless experience. Working with companies like Kantox, we can offer a solution which lowers costs for hotels while increasing guest satisfaction,” according to Mike Carlo, CEO for XanderPay.

“At Kantox, we see foreign exchange not as a problem, but as an opportunity to be leveraged. The seismic shift in B2C payments brought on by the pandemic will be followed by a revolution in B2B payments, especially in the travel sector. The forward-thinking hotel leadership teams are investing today to prepare for the payments systems of tomorrow,” said Antonio Rami, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Kantox.

Working together, XanderPay and Kantox will provide hotels with a diverse portfolio of payment offerings while strengthening the transformation of multi-currency payment strategies in the travel industry.