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Kantox 5th birthday; Who said limits?

Kantox now

On June 3rd 2011…

Two young entrepreneurs travelled from Barcelona to London (in a cheap Ryanair flight) and spent 3 days there (sleeping on the sofa of a friend) to incorporate their disruptive company. Their mantra was simple: to bring light and fresh air to the obscure and static FX market.

Today, 5 years later, that same idea has grown and evolved… from 2 to 90 employees (representing 25 nationalities!), from 1 to 2000 clients (in more than 20 countries!) and from a 20m2 room to 2 offices, a 100m2 one in front of the iconic Gerkin tower in the City of London and a 400m2 oceanfront office in iconic Torre Mapfre in Barcelona.

Kantox then

The journey has not been easy – countless sleepless nights, more than 100000+ Espresso capsules consumed… Yes, some hair has been lost along the way, but we have kept our energy and essence from day one: constantly innovating, helping our clients grow and leaving no room for complacency.   

Happy 5th birthday Kantox!