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Interview with Animalbox, a fast-growing e-commerce start-up

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 16.22.28Kantox has interviewed the co-Founder of Animalbox, Antoine Chabassol, as a prime example of a rapidly-expanding e-commerce start-up, which depends on international expansion to maintain high growth levels.


You launched Animalbox just three years ago. In that time you have expanded into four European countries with six different brands. What is your secret?

“Most of all, it is important to have a motivated team, passionate about the product. This makes day-to-day work much easier, and that ensures that everyone works to the same goal.”

Now you are the leader in your market but surely imitators have followed in your footsteps. What is your plan to keep growing?

“We want to replicate what worked in the French market at the international level. In addition to great customer care and customer service, it means preserving our DNA: a fun and innovative approach of pet care, not falling into routine, despite internationalisation and growing in volume.”

A young company with an innovative idea might be favoured by the market for some time but at some point it becomes established. Has your financial strategy shifted from “start-up to “international business”? If so, what are the main differences?

“At the moment, we are still in “start-up” mode regarding our financial strategy. We have still not reached the critical size to have a strong dedicated finance team. Kantox was actually a big improvement for us and professionalised our FX operations.”

Now, with the year-end approaching you might be about to elaborate next year’s budget. As a young and innovative firm, do you have an innovative approach to the yearly planning? How do you plan to deal with your FX for your purchases?

“We are now diversifying our offering to launch a petfood brand in the next few months. For these kinds of products, the share of raw materials and purchases in foreign currencies is higher than in our regular product offer. We will therefore probably start hedging this exposure using Kantox next year, to secure our margins.”

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