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Kantox solutions for Théa Pharma

Théa Group is an independent pharmaceutical company specialising in the development and commercialisation of eye-care products. With operations in 70 countries, the company manages FX risk centrally, as each subsidiary invoices customers in local currencies. Théa Group was looking to improve the quality of its exposure data and the precision of its transactional cash flow hedging, while removing time-consuming manual processes.


  • The urge to take a more strategic and systematic approach to FX management while avoiding situations of over-hedging.
  • The need to lighten the heavy manual workload that strained the resources of the company’s small treasury team.
  • The lack of tools to automate the data retrieval needed to perform hedge accounting in accordance with IFRS standards.



  • Exposure to FX risk is drastically reduced across the full portfolio of currencies used in sales and purchase orders.
  • Delayed hedging with conditional orders allows the Group to mitigate the negative impact of unfavourable forward points.
  • The solution automates the documentation for Hedge Accounting and provides access to a convenient analytics interface.
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