Währungsvolatilität bezeichnet die unvorhersehbaren Schwankungen der Wechselkursen auf dem globalen Währungsmarkt. Diese Volatilität kann zu hohen Verlusten – oder Gewinnen – führen. Die Währungsvolatilität ist die Ursache des Währungsrisikos. Die Währungsvolatilität birgt eines des größten Kreditrisiken für Unternehmen und dieses Risiko muss effektiv abgesichert werden, um den Reingewinn des Unternehmens zu schützen. Die Volatilität der […]

Weighted average exchange rate

The weighted average exchange rate is a financial term that defines the average exchange rate for a specific period. This concept is used to unify the exchange rate used to quantify the value of all the transactions conducted during that period. More info FX Market orders FX Forward Contracts Dynamic Hedging FX Management API Practical […]

Window Forward

A window forward is a structured product that allows buyers to purchase a specific amount of foreign currency within a range of settlement dates – known as windows – at a more convenient rate than that of an outright forward contract, in exchange for a higher price than with a standard forward contract. More info […]

Window Forward Extra

A window forward extra is a structured product that allows buyers to lock in a minimum exchange rate to hedge against currency volatility and take advantage of favourable movements in the spot price up to a certain level, within a range of settlement dates known as windows or window periods. Due to their complex nature, […]

Wire transfer

Wire transfers, also called bank transfers or credit transfers are the transfers of funds sent by one person or entity to another using computer-based technology and without human intervention. Wire transfers provide a fast and reliable way to send money around the world, either using traditional banks or other Fintech alternatives like TransferWise for individuals […]

WM/Reuters benchmark rates

WM/Reuters benchmark rates are also known as the 4 pm fix because these spot and forward foreign exchange rates are announced at 4 pm London time (GMT/BST) every working day. These are the rates used by businesses and investors to measure their performance and value their portfolio. More info FX Spot Transactions FX Forward Contracts International […]