“Enterprise currency management (ECM)”


Enterprise currency management is a software category that includes a wide range of solutions designed to automate the different aspects related to corporate foreign currency transactions, including the strategies to hedge the associated financial risk.

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A growing number of ECM tools, the vast majority of them provided by the Fintech industry, are available to simplify the planning, analysis and management of FX. The common denominator of all these solutions is that they leverage technology to make currency management simpler and more efficient.

Kantox’s ECM tools

 Kantox features an enterprise currency management platform that provides international businesses with a suite of sophisticated tools to streamline their currency processes and improve the efficiency of their hedging strategies.

Kantox Dynamic Hedging is a software solution that allows businesses to automate their FX management and reduce exchange rate risk with minimal manual processing. DH helps businesses to boost their international growth while always keeping their business margins under control.

The Kantox Payments Hub offers businesses the ability to manage all their outgoing payments from a single platform and automate cross-border transactions, reducing processing costs and minimising administrative tasks. By combining the Payments Hub with Dynamic Hedging, companies can use open hedges to fund payments, hence optimising their FX conversion rates.

Kantox Dynamic Pricing is a software tool that enables merchants and exporters to automatically update their foreign exchange prices in parallel with currency market movements. This helps these companies to be more price‑competitive and increase their penetration in foreign markets.