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Our solutions are tailored to the real needs of the company, so when you enter into a forward contract, you should know that:

  • The exchange rate contracted at the beginning holds and it is the forward points that are recalculated.
  • You always have access to the market exchange rate and all forward points, with no hidden fees.

What are your circumstances?

  • Do you set prices daily and have to cover the exposure generated by daily or monthly income?
  • Do you buy in a foreign currency and have to secure the cost to set your products’ retail prices?
  • Do you catalogue products a quarter, half a year or even a year in advance?
  • Do you have to submit budgets per project or to participate in international tenders?

With a good currency management policy and a smart use of forwards, you can …

  • Hedge currency risk that always exists between assets and liabilities in a currency other than your home one.
  • Instantly eliminate the uncertainty of future depreciation or appreciation of currencies, according to your risk policy.
  • Stop worrying about the risk of fluctuations in the exchange rate and focus on your business.
  • Set more suitable retail prices.
  • Align all stakeholders in the company, from board to treasury.

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