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Dulevo International is the leading Italian manufacturer of sweepers, scrubbers and street washers for commercial, industrial and urban cleaning. With operations in 80 countries worldwide and more than 200 employees, Dulevo was looking to improve the quality of their currency management set-up and processes.


Dulevo’s main challenge operating with foreign currencies was the difficulty in capturing and managing their FX exposure from the large number of transactions, both high-ticket and lower cost items. Additionally, the Treasury team was having trouble processing their exposure in a timely manner when placing an FX-denominated order. 

The actual trading process also had some hurdles the team had to overcome. The negative forward points were detrimental to their hedges and impacted the efficiency of their FX strategy. That’s why they were looking for a solution that could help them improve their FX processes.


Once they discovered the currency management automation solutions that Kantox offers, Dulevo transformed their FX workflow. The team leveraged the API connectivity to the Kantox platform to bring data from their ERP and automate all their FX processes. They were able to capture the correct amount of exposure, net of changes in FX sales orders.

Dulevo’s finance team were able to take control of their foreign currencies strategy and implemented an automated micro-hedging program for sales orders across its USD transactions to handle pricing variations.


Since implementing Kantox currency management automation solution, Dulevo has already achieved a return on its investment through transaction cost savings and reducing unfavourable forward points. With Kantox, order cancellations and corrections are easily handled and kept under control, allowing the team to increase time spent on high-value tasks.

Dulevo now has a structured currency management process in place that captures and manages FX exposure based on the exchange rate of the day of the sales order. Now the Treasury team can focus on being more strategic and support the company’s faster growth. 

You can also get better visibility over your FX exposure thanks to an efficient currency management automation solution. Request your free strategy session with our currency management specialists to start now.

Thanks to Kantox, I am comfortable on the whole currency front and can devote myself to other strategic aspects of my job as CFO.

Dulevo CFO,
Andrea Dioni

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