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Adtech webinar – Managing FX during uncertain times

Published April 21, 2020

Unfavourable FX market movements are causing havoc for many companies. And in the adtech industry, it’s no different. 

During these turbulent times, using effective currency management practices can be a game-changer for adtechs looking to weather the storm and come out stronger. 

With that in mind, FX Solutions Director, Alexia Danan, has put together a special webinar specially designed for CEOs, CFOs, treasury and finance teams looking to improve their currency management practices. 

The webinar, Leveraging Currencies for Adtechs to Increase Profit Margins, will take place on Tuesday April 28 at 2pm CET and you can sign up here.

Ad exchanges along with demand side and supply side platforms face different challenges and apply different currency management strategies. But sometimes the most commonly-used currency management practices are not always the most effective. 

“As the industry becomes increasingly global, many adtech players are seeing the benefits of incorporating local currency payouts and moving away from a fully dollarized offering,” Alexia explains.

“However, in order to fully reap the benefits, currency risk must be well managed, especially given these turbulent times. I am looking forward to sharing the different practices I have seen within the industry and discussing the impacts they have had,” she affirms.


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